Women should have equal rights as men

And for women should not equal to men because they think it is reasonable for women responsibility and ability.

Result These eleven references of three books or articles or supporting reasons, seven online books or online articles or online supporting reasons can summarize that women should equal to men for 4 and women should not equal to men for 7.

Nearly six in ten poor adults are women, and nearly six in ten poor children live in families headed by women. So, next it is people results, their opinion, for nowadays. We need to put an end to all sexual assault -- and understanding the gender discrepancy in the victims is one step towards elimination.

Sexual Objectification is a huge problem evident in advertising, music, films and other kinds of entertainment.

Illustration by Tri Vo, Mic. Women are still less native gifted. Second, how much gender equality has effected to society? Five questions has three answer can choose: In conclusion, the results of this study from the books and online data can tell the information of gender equality in society.

According to the U. At first support, arguments in favor of such laws appeal to common sense. So, from this role show that women and men are inequality entirely. This research is focus on one controversial but it also told many things more: In the present time, there is constitution already.

Let this be a call to action for all advocates of gender equality. In fact, people are having their own particularities that make each individual unique. So, almost expectancy of men in management because when women take a position of leader, they will know their ability and capability are lower.

This time is clock off. Being the 21st century there is still signs of inequality, with women still being considered not equal to men. The most common reasons that I already summarized. While no person should have to experience domestic violence, the fact that women are overwhelmingly the victims is troubling.

Did you have been taught by your family about demeanor proper to opposite sex or not? Of course the general attitude the woman being the homemaker and stuff, but in Western society this attitude is slowly disappearing.

They think women have efficient same as men because both have same education too. For example, a male engineer is often more appreciated than a female engineer Ussavech, They focus on law of rights that have to equality in present time.

So, work is still discriminating for the two sexes, even if the discrimination is not an official one. Then, I started to give them in evening. Getty According to the CDC, an estimated 1 in 5 women in the United States has been raped in their lifetimecompared to 1 in 71 men.

And the last, it is a question that people have to write down their opinion. How to cite this page Choose cite format:Jul 02,  · Men and women should have equal rights; times are changing and although most still have the idea that women are inferior to men it is not true.

7 Things To Know If You Think Women Are Equal To Men

Women are capable of getting an education, good jobs, and working outside of the house. Women Deserve Equal Pay. For full-time, year-round workers, women are paid on average only 77 percent of what men are paid; for. Men and women should have equal rights because we are both needed to ensure survival of the human race, there is no science that proves one gender is more superior to the other, and there are no laws that state men and women should not be equal.

Men and women should have equal rights.

Women deserve equal rights because, the only difference between men and women is that men have a penis and women have a vagina, and did you know every baby starts out female, then the ovaries drop to form the testis.

Below are 7 ways women and men still aren't equal.

Women Should Have Equal Rights as Men Essay

Let this be a call to action for all advocates of gender equality. Things can only get better in 1 In the U.S., there are more male CEOs.

Women and men should have equal rights because from the beginning they were equal, because women and men are human beings and their rights are the same to be respected, because "sex" does not make the difference.

Women should have equal rights as men
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