The problems associated with conducting a census essay

Another big problem bedeviling the smooth operation of census in many African nations is as a result of inadequate infrastructure. But in the presence of a high rate of illiteracy, enumerators would have to visit so many households to help them complete the questionnaire.

Corruption is one of the biggest reasons why certain countries find it very difficult conducting successful censuses and obtaining reliable population data. As a result of illiteracy, many of these people feel that it is a taboo to count human beings.

Many African countries experience a great deal of challenges when it comes to conducting population census. The reasons why conducting population census in certain African countries can be quite challenging or problematic include the following: It is for the reasons above that some African countries find it difficult conducting regular population censuses.

The problem of illiteracy: Insufficient and Ineffective Census Educational Campaign How effective an educational campaign on census is The problems associated with conducting a census essay to the census taking place determines how successful the census exercise eventually becomes.

Such areas therefore end up not being visited by census officials. Over the years, numerous studies have shown that countries with very high illiteracy rates find it more difficult undertaking efficient population census than countries with high literacy rates.

The end result is an inadequate population figures after the census.

7 Problems of Census

Some tiny villages and towns do not even have roads that connect them to other bigger ones. Conclusion The above-mentioned are the most common reasons why certain countries usually underdeveloped countries are unable to obtain accurate population census figures during population censuses.

This automatically leads to inaccurate population figures of a country. High Illiteracy Rate in a Nation has a Negative Impact on the Conducting of Census Countries with large proportions of their populations being illiterates face a great challenge during the conducting of censuses.

The problem with unreliable or poor demographic maps is the fact that it results in some extremely remote villages not appearing on the maps. Cost of Conducting Census One of the biggest challenges associated with conducting census in poor countries is the enormous financial costs of conducting the exercise.

Inadequate and very poor infrastructure: Today, this problem is gradually fading away, but still it is present.

Problems of population census, Microeconomics

For some towns and villages, the only way to reach them is via a river or stream. On top of this, many of them do not have electricity. Over the years, there have been countless stories of corrupt census officials collecting monies needed for conducting census but pocketing these monies and sitting in their various officers where they write down imaginary figures of certain villages and towns without actually having visited these places.

The end result of using people who are not experts to conduct an important exercise like census is an efficient census that provides inaccurate population figures. Most of the people in such areas deliberately decide not to make themselves available to be counted because of their strong traditional beliefs.

The census questionnaire would just be distributed for every household to fill by themselves. For example, the African nation of Nigeria experienced a serious challenge during census. For many poor countries all over the world, taking huge amounts of money out of their limited resources for the purpose of census can be a very difficult thing.

Many towns and villages cannot be assessable because of the bad roads that link the cities to them. This therefore led to figures that were highly inaccurate. And for this reason, many nations in Africa find it difficult shelling out the huge amount of money needed to conduct a population census.

Traditional and Religious Beliefs can Interfere with the Census Exercise In many underdeveloped parts of the world especially in certain remote parts of Africawhere traditional beliefs are the order of the day, census officers face serious challenges when they reach these places and try counting the people.Constitutional purpose and other uses of U.S.

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Census specifically for you for only $ $/page. The Problems Associated With Conducting A Census ; Orissa. Quick Answer. Although motivated by a variety of reasons, the primary problem with the population census in Nigeria is records doctoring. Religious bias, remote areas and financial issues are just a few of the reasons behind the alterations.

Nov 23,  · Another problem associated with conducting censuses in certain parts of the world is the insufficient number of professionals with the knowledge and experience of conducting census. More often than not, governments of underdeveloped countries don’t have sufficient experienced census officers, demographers and population experts to Reviews: 3.

The reasons why conducting population census in certain African countries can be quite challenging or problematic include the following: The huge costs involved in conducting census: Many African countries suffer severely from economic problems (weak economy). Microeconomics Assignment Help, Problems of population census, Problems of population census: High Cost of Census: Censuses are supposed to be conducted at a 10 year interval.

The high cost of conducting census has made it impossible for West African countries to conduct censuses at regular intervals. Most countries are faced with many difficulties when attempting to conduct a census.

There are physical factors such as the size and difficulties in getting to certain parts due to the terrain, wars and the climate.

The problems associated with conducting a census essay
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