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The boy does not run; he does not want to be mistrusted. Jones is an important person in the story who was put there to teach Roger a valuable lesson. Being that she has the strength and size, the readers expect her to beat the boy by the way she talks.

Once the story first starts she is illustrated as aggressive and bodily striking. He barely manages to Thank you maam essay questions thank you before the large woman shuts the door. After they share her small cake, she gives the boy ten dollars for some blue suede shoes and asks him to leave because she needs her rest.

For instance, she does not call the cops on Roger to show her kindness and how sorry she feels for him When she caught him, she shook him up, kicks him quickly, then lifts him and continues to rattle him a bit.

He answers yes and also denies that he meant to snatch the purse. Suddenly a boy dashes behind her and with one tug jerks the purse from her. The woman only says that she has done things that she would tell no one.

Shortly after, she reaches a state of perfection and takes Roger home with her, while also letting him know and telling him to proceed with caution.

Luella Bates Washington Jones is my favorite character! Luella Bates Washington Jones. While they eat, the woman asks no questions but talks of her work on the late shift at a hotel beauty shop.

Jones straightforwardly as a big woman with an even bigger handbag. Pulling the boy up by his shirt and shaking him, the large woman demands that he return her pocketbook. He never sees her again.

As the story goes on, the author slowly shows that Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones leaves the door open. The Environment When I think of some of the best teachers or my favorite teachers, I think of my parents, my ex, my chorus teacher Ms.

Although they are great teachers, there are also other great teachers such as those who come into your life for a short period of time or you just might be passing them everyday.

She is an enigma who shows characteristics that might be contrasting on the outside and to everyone else.

Thank You, M'am Summary

When the woman asks if he took her money because of hunger, the boy replies that he wanted blue suede shoes. The woman calmly kicks him. Tolbert, and the pastor of my church. But be that as it may, her thoughts and what she actually does is shocking. Luella Bates Washington Jones leads Roger to the barren stoop and says that she hopes he behaves himself.

Luella Bates Washington Jones. Roger, the child in the story, attempts to snatch her handbag, she ends up being the more lively and faster one of the two of them, which was extremely unexpected.

Its weight throws him off balance and he falls, legs flying up. When she asks if he is ashamed, the boy finally speaks.

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Jones is moreover obliging, thoughtful, and benevolent.What can you infer about Roger from this exchange with Mrs. Jones in “Thank You, M'am”? “Your face is dirty. I got a great mind to wash your face for you. Our quiz/worksheet combo is a handy, interactive way to assess your comprehension of Thank You, Ma'am by Langston Hughes.

When you take this quiz, you'll. Saying Thank You. Most young people can benefit from having a trusting relationship with an older person. In the story “Thank You, Ma’am,” by Langston Hughes, a young man named Roger tries to steal a woman’s purse. “Thank You, Ma’am” by Langston Hughes: Discussion Questions and Writing Assignment Discussion Questions: 1.

Why do you think Mrs. Jones handles the situation the way she does in the story? What is she trying to accomplish? How do you think this experience is likely to affect Roger? 2. GRADE 7– Teacher Copy Quarter 4, Week 30, 04/01/13 - 04/05/13 literary response and analysis in which students write a persuasive essay analyzing the reasoning behind the characters [ words and actions.

The boy wanted to say something else other that "Thank you, maam" to Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones, but. Connecticut State Department of Education 2! What makes this text complex? Text and Author “Thank You, Ma’am” by Langston Hughes Where to Access Text.

Thank you maam essay questions
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