Sample cobol program to read and write a file

If this READ is skipped for any reason, the program will loop without end. Write statement can be used with FROM option to directly write records from the working storage variables. Paragraphs are the subdivision of a section or division.

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Compliments of Gabe Gargiulo, author of several recent books on programming and modern languages, available at Amazon. From is an optional clause. Try the following example using the Live Demo option online. Major logic decisions are normally done there, although this program has none.

If Open is successful, then only further operations are possible on a file. After performing Close operation, the variables in the file structure will not be available for processing. Close Open Verb Open is the first file operation that must be performed.

Our sample program will just write each record out to another file. This program reads every record in a file and does some processing with each record read. At each read statement, the file pointer is incremented and hence the successive records are read. Input-Output section provides information about the files to be used in the program.

Here are some other types of programs that fall into the same logic pattern: The access mode must be sequential or dynamic.

This program can be compiled and executed using Live Demo option where it will display all the records present in the file. The function of read is to fetch records from a file.

COBOL - File Handling Verbs

Once the record is written, it is no longer available in the record buffer. File should be opened in I-O mode for rewrite operations. It can be used only after a successful Read operation.

Sentences are the combination of one or more statements. On Mainframes server, we do not use text files; instead we use PS files. The file must be opened in I-O mode. Suppose the input file data available in the input. If the access mode is random or dynamic, then to write a record, the file must open in Output mode or I-O mode.

If the access mode is sequential, then to write a record, the file must open in Output mode or Extend mode. In this division, paragraph and section names are user-defined. Working-Storage section is used to declare temporary variables and file structures which are used in the program.

If a sequential file is used and the file is holding some records, then the existing records will be deleted first and then new records will be inserted in the file. That would make this a copy and reformat program 3 a program that copies all the records in one type of file, such as a VSAM file, and writes them out to another type of file, such as an ordinary sequential file Here is a short explanation of some of the logic of SEQSIMP1.

The only difference is that the variables will be allocated and initialized every time a program starts execution. Close Verb Close verb is used to close a file. Linkage section is used to describe the data names that are received from an external program. In sequential file organization, records cannot be deleted.

File must be opened in I-O or Input mode.COBOL File Handling Verbs - Learn Cobol in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Environment Setup, Program Structure, Basic Syntax, Data Types, Basic Verbs, Data Layout, Condition Statements, Loop Statements, String Handling, Table Processing, File Handling, File Organization, File Access Mode, File Handling Verbs, Subroutines.

identification division. program-id. cobprog. * environment division. configuration section. input-output section. file-control.

select input-file assign to infile. Code for PROGRAM FOR READ DATA FROM INPUT-FILE AND MOVE INTO OUTPUT-FILE in Cobol identification division. program-id. test. environment division. Sample Cobol code: The VSAM File Read Sequentially in a COBOL program Sample Cobol code: The VSAM KSDS, Read Randomly in a COBOL program Sample Cobol code: The VSAM.

My test file only has eight records in it, but that will be easy for us to double check when we run the program to make sure every record gets read. To read the file, we must assign the file in. Sample COBOL program This sample COBOL program is adapted to run under Fujitsu COBOL It uses the input file the disk that accomapnies the text.


Sample cobol program to read and write a file
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