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Thomas A Scott, of Pennsylvania, who was then acting as the Assistant-Secretary of War, who desired my services in watching a lady whose movements had excited suspicion, and who, it was believed, was engaged in corresponding with the rebel authorities, and furnishing them with much valuable information.

Rose O’Neal Greenhow: Confederate Spy

She continued her spying activities and cryptic message writing during her imprisonment. Rose was truly one of the most incredible Civil War women. Sometime in the spring ofwhile still a U. Greenhow, a bearer of dispatches to the Confederate Government.

Florence, Gertrude, Leila, and Rose.

Her body washed ashore, and she was buried with military honors in Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington. The papers seized by Pinkerton include a number of "love letters" from Wilson.

Rose O'Neal Greenhow

A list of names of persons thought to be traitors. Beauregard was able to concentrate his forces in time to meet and defeat the Union forces at the First Battle of Manassas Bull Run. Instead, she set about organizing a ring of southern sympathizers in the city who could help her collect information about Union plans and fortifications In August she was arrested by Allan Pinkertonhead of the Union secret service, and confined to her home.

Greenhow was soon recruited as a Confederate spy. As she would later write: Intelligence Service Allan Pinkerton observed Rose Greenhow as part of his counterintelligence activities and found sufficient evidence to place her under arrest.

Once the Civil War began Greenhow overheard and collected war secrets from her friends and acquaintances. In MarchRose Greenhow was given a hearing on the charge of espionage. My clothes, when brought out from the wash, were often filled with vermin; constantly articles were stolen. This photograph of Mrs.

She was a confidante of several powerful political figures, notably John C. Robert Greenhow in Her nicknames were Wild Rose and Rebel Rose.Rose O’Neal Greenhow was a Confederate spy and wealthy socialite from Washington D.C. Born into a large slave-holding family in Maryland aroundRose was sent to live with her aunt in Washington D.C.

after her father, John O’Neal, was murdered by one of his slaves in About Rose O'Neal Greenhow. Rose O'Neal Greenhow was born in Montgomery County, Maryland in "Wild Rose", as she was called from a young age, was a leader in Washington society, a passionate secessionist, and one of.

Rose O'Neal Greenhow, or "Wild Rose" as she was sometimes called, was a successful and celebrated Confederate spy during the American Civil War.

Rose was truly one of the most incredible Civil War women. Why is it important to read this essay? It is because study of motivation is the study of human energy to satisfy their needs and how they make choices to achieve their goals, but also – their effort at work.

Rose O'Neal Greenhow: Rose O’Neal Greenhow, Confederate spy whose social position and shrewd judgment cloaked her espionage for the South during the American Civil War.

Rose O’Neal married the prominent physician and historian Robert Greenhow in and became a leading hostess of Washington, D.C.

She was a confidante. Rose O’Neal Greenhow (–) and her daughter Rose. Rose O’Neal Greenhow was the Confederacy’s most celebrated female spy at the start of the Civil War. A popular Washington widow and hostess, Mrs. Greenhow moved easily in .

Rose oneal greenhow essay
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