Role of a probation officer essay

Her first responsibility, for instance, as she says many times, is to the public, not the offender. In cases that involve court-ordered probation, officers work with families, schools, therapists and other youth services professionals to help young offenders restructure their lives.

Juvenile Probation The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention notes that inmore than 2 million juveniles were arrested for crimes that ran the gamut from loitering to murder. Fabio De Paola Ask people why they do the job they do, and they will often rummage lengthily for an answer.

Hours "You work to demand, really.

Their work streamlines the judicial process and links the courts, offenders and the community to preserve community safety while striving to rehabilitate offenders.

But, as she takes great pains to emphasise, the differences between a shrink and a probation officer are very clear. If a probation officer senses it would benefit a victim to confront his offender, he can arrange a mediation session. At times, being a probation officer must feel like working for the National Scapegoat Service.

I hear that a lot," Grice says, without altering her even tone. She usually meets them alone, and would never pass on personal matters to friends or family, but she is obliged to tell social services if she thinks children may be at risk, and must also report any new offences she hears about.

Then she decides she is. Despite the importance of probation, many departments are understaffed and heavy caseloads for individual officers is a common problem. Her studies took two years, interwoven with her trainee work, and were utterly exhausting.

But this person is now absolutely thriving. So, despite having her psychology degree, and a long-standing interest in criminology, Grice still had to complete another degree, and an NVQ level 3, in community and criminal justice, as well as a diploma in probation studies, before she qualified as a probation officer five years ago.

Adult Probation With many prisons packed beyond capacity, courts are turning more to probation as a practical alternative to incarceration. Yet probation officers must still learn to live with that pressure.

Surely there are very few jobs where the impact of being wrong is greater, and yet the odds of always being right are so vanishingly slim? Probation officers report any violations of conditions and orders -- and the courts then decide if whether or not to revoke probation and send the offender to prison.

Working through lunch seems to happen more often than it should. You just have to deliver it correctly. For juveniles, the probation office is the first stop in the court system.

It can be really hard. Addressing the needs of victims is part of the trend of restorative justice, an approach that stresses healing the damage and mistrust that results from crime.

Salary and Job Prospects Probation officers work on all levels of the judicial system, in local, county, state and federal courts. Share via Email Probation officer Kelly Grice. For many probation officers, the job involves long hours of travel to check on offenders at home and at work.

Probation officers may meet regularly with juveniles and either tighten or loosen probation restrictions according to the individual circumstances of each case.A probation officer has many duties and must meet certain requirements to work in this field.

A probation officer is an officer of the court. They monitor individuals who have been sentenced to. Juvenile Probation Officer Essay The job of a Juvenile Probation Officer contains many types of jobs and responsibilities that are necessary in the role of deterring many youths from a life of crime.

The job requires patience and understanding, while providing supervision and counseling to the youths and their families to create a. Related Documents: Essay on Juvenile: Crime and Juvenile Probation Officer Juvenile Crime Essay Juvenile Crime Keven Terpening CJS/ 5/11/ Richard Daniels Juvenile Crime Children and crime, these two words would seem to be at odds with each other.

Aug 10,  · Probation Essay; Probation Essay. Rehabilitation Paper. Words | 5 Pages The role of community based programs associated with jails and prisons will be visited. Probation and parole and the roles they play will also be explored. Probation Officer Requirements If you 've ever wanted to know how to become a probation officer, keep.

Harris is just one of thousands of juvenile probation officers in the United States, and like so many of the others she plays a vital role in the development of the children she comes in contact with. Probation officers play a central role in the U.S.

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The Importance of Probation Officers

1 What Are the Duties of a Probation Officer? If a probation officer senses it would benefit a victim to confront his offender, he can arrange a mediation session. In cases that require restitution, probation officers.

Role of a probation officer essay
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