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These figures control and manipulate Eve to betray her natural inclinations in order to fit into their idea of how she Paradise lost research paper behave. Defective by Design or Disobedient by Decision? In other words, the Son Jesus becomes the mobile version of God and the mediator between humankind and God the Father.

There is free will and fate with God, and there are also irreversible moments in history God does not allow to change. The Father and the Son are essentially one entity, but the construction of Paradise Lost as a story with characters who must interact with each other allows Milton to explore their separate roles and their unfathomable relationship.

In his second invocation, in Book III, he praises Holy Light and again hopes that his blindness will be corrected, at least metaphorically. According to Christian teaching, this God is the proximate cause of everything that exists save Himself as He is self-existent.

Traditionally, critics make a distinction between the author and the speaker of a poem, or between the author and the narrator. Since Milton believes that God the Father is unknowable and unimaginable, God the Son becomes his knowable and imaginable representation.

Paradise Lost

The contrasts between Adam and Satan are most identifiable and compelling in their respective relationships to Eve. Milton explains to his audience that his purpose is just and his humility is real.

The masculine characters that surround Eve in Eden perceive her to be weak, but Milton characterizes Eve as highly intellectual and ambitious.

Dismissed as inferior to Adam, Eve falls because of the stifling restrictions put upon her due to preconceived notions about the limitations of her femininity. Satan, warts and all, is probably the most memorable presence in the poem and likely all readers retain of it.

In many ways Satan becomes more understandable in this Paradise lost research paper for his pitiable human qualities, and he becomes more interesting as well due to the unpredictability of his character. Knowledge in Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained The problem of knowledge was one of the major intellectual concerns at the Age of Scientific Revolution in early modern Europe.

He has perfect knowledge of all things through all time. The links below will lead to a library of papers based on class and subject. Jacobus points out that the struggle between reason and faith is one of the major conceptual dualisms of the century For John Milton—a writer who devoted himself to learning and the path toward true faith throughout his life, the issue of how knowledge may be subsumed into the system of Christian faith, rather than becoming a subverting force, constitutes the core of his thinking.

Perhaps we pity Satan as he struggles to find his new identity while reflecting on his recent mistakes. What in me is dark Illumine, what is low raise and support; That to the highth of this great Argument I may assert Eternal Providence, And justify the ways of God to men.

He is Odysseus and Jason on their heroic voyages, leader and chief warrior in battle during and after the War in Heaven, and through it all the most powerful speaker, able to rally and organize his troops with the eloquence of his appeals to their own heroic values.

In secular terms Satan is the heroic, if defeated, military figure, but such a figure is to be admired only in evil days cf.

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First, in his invocation in Book I, he hopes his darkness or blindness will be illuminated so he can learn the facts of his story he will tell.

He has perfect goodness in all that He is and does. He is a variant of Achilles, who equates honor with his own status. This dual purpose required him to focus on both the literary aspects of the poem and the theological argument within it.

The question of how the desire for knowledge may be reconciled with faith has been debated in the writings of the time. His description of his situation is eloquent; his expression of pain is moving.

A research paper for EnglishMilton: In fact, neither nor Satan nor Eve had the free will to intend anything. Paradise Lost, however, identifies the narrator with Milton in several of the invocations that open individual books.

They are sometimes fated to be put in certain situations, but they have the free will to decide how to act within those situations. This concern is found most manifest in his major epics about the fall of man and the redemption through the Son—Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, in which knowledge stands in the center of the loss and the regaining of paradise.

With the rise of new sciences, the expansion of learning, and the broadening of world view came the explosion of knowledge, this posed enormous challenges, not only to church authorities, but also to individual thinkers. How does this distinction affect the plot of Paradise Lost?

Milton inserts autobiographical references to make the reader know that it is he—not an imaginary, unnamed character—who is narrating.

Writing assignments will be designed specifically to draw upon this existing research library formed by the students of previous years, overlapping their work without repeating it. This paper mistakenly involves external research instead of reference to the course research library.Abstract: This paper examines the role of creativity in Paradise Lost.

It argues that Eve’s misunderstood creative identity, and resulting isolation from the epic’s other characters, provides the pressure point by which Satan enacts the Fall. How to Write a Research Paper on Satan in Paradise Lost.

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Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters. Latin language in which John Milton wrote prose Milton mainly wrote in ___ Paradise Lost Milton’s masterpiece epic poem type of poem that “Paradise Lost” is Paradise Lost poem that established Milton as equal to Chaucer and Shakespeare middle class to which Milton belonged political pamphlets second type of writing Milton used God’s poet felt [ ].

Free Essay on Milton's Paradise Lost - Paradise Lost as an Epic - Paradise Lost as an Epic The Oxford English Dictionary defines "cosmos" as "the world or universe as an ordered and harmonious system," from the Greek, "kosmos," referring to an ordered and/or ornamental thing.

Paradise Lost Research Paper from Paper Masters In Paradise Lost, Milton uses angels and otherworldly characters to reveal the relationships between man, morality, freedom and divinity.

Two of these archangels, Raphael and Michael, are particularly interesting with respect to Milton's view of education. In this paper, I analyze Milton's "Paradise Lost" through a queer lens, producing examples of queer intercourse and reproduction within the poem as products of divinity, and heterosexual reproduction as the necessary judgment for Adam and Eve's sin.

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