Overfishing effects more than just the

Usually the bears only eat about half of each fish they catch and leave the rest on the forest floor, which is then consumed by birds, other small animals and insects. Salmon fisheries can only be opened after enough fish migrate up river to spawn.

Fish that live in deeper water are caught by trawling, whereby a huge net is dragged through the water which traps every creature that comes in its way. Ocean Ecosystem Some of the most popular species in our diets are top predators in the ocean food chain — such as tuna and groupers.

Some of the areas that are greatly impacted by overfishing include: I also think that with the introduction of the farmed salmon and the diseases they can carry the bears may get sick and die from eating diseased fish.

By the mids, Atlantic cod, herring, and California sardines were harvested to the brink of extinction. With the growth rates of the trees already falling due to lack of nitrogen from salmon and humans cutting them down at an alarming rate, it is inevitable that unless serious steps are taken to protect both the salmon and the forest itself from humans the ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest will fail and the forests will be completely destroyed.

As the aquaculture industry continues to expand, prey fish are depleted at alarming and unsustainable rates.

Sustainable fisheries need to maintain top-level predators to keep their fisheries alive, as well as oceans. Because tuna are migratory, countries must manage and preserve tuna fisheries together.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. This causes a local interaction, when the bears catch a fish they take it into the forest so they can eat it and not be disturbed. Overfishing, typically, leads to a decline in the population of productive fish, which results in lesser stocking of the fish. They have also predicted commercial extinction not fit for fishing of marine life if this trend continues.

Cownose ray populations grew after their predators decreased, causing a ripple effect on the scallop industry.


Many marine scientists have gone to the extent of saying that the threat faced by our marine ecosystem is much larger than any other environmental threat like increasing pollution. Today, however, fishing is a multimillion dollar industry with well-equipped ships and hi-tech facilities that enable fishermen to explore new shores and deeper waters to keep up with the increasing demand for seafood.

However, fishermen have started capturing more and more fish at a rate that is much faster than they can reproduce and replenish the water bodies with more fish. Nitrogen 15 is mostly found in marine algae and salmon are highly enriched with it so it makes sense that the plants use the remnants of the salmon as a sort of fertilizer to make them grow causing large scale interaction.

With increased overfishing related practices and without sustainable management, many fish stocks are reduced to below acceptable levels.Overfishing Effects More Than Just the Ocean Topics: Salmon, Aquaculture, Overfishing Pages: 4 ( words) Published: June 1, Salmon migrate yearly from the open Pacific Ocean to the coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest in order to spend about weeks reproducing.

What is Overfishing?

They migrate across oceans and can dive more than 4, feet. Bluefin tuna are they are more than just severely from overfishing and illegal fishing over. The Ripple Effect of Overfishing Our Oceans.

Wild Seafood

Just recently, we were greeted by sea otters frolicking about and more than two dozen harbor seals basking in the. Overfishing Effects More Than Just the Ocean. ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest for many years and now that humans have imposed on this process by overfishing we are.

Overfishing—catching fish faster than they can reproduce—is an urgent issue and is one of the biggest threats have resulted in salmon runs that are more. According to ultimedescente.com, Fishing nets catch far more than intended.

To grow just one pound of farmed salmon.

Overfishing effects more than just the
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