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Law is equal to rules, policies, principles and a communal reality. Rip van winkle theme essay for of mice, research paper on political corruption. In the cases that follow it seems to me that there are clear indications that judges do indeed create new law where, for example, existing laws have become outdated or inappropriate.

In this essay I will consider a number of examples and cases which suggest that the statement is in fact valid. They have to decide whether the defendant should go to prison, whether the plaintiff should receive compensation, whether a contract dispute is based upon valid documentation and precisely what it is that may constitute true and demonstrable slander.

Thus the separation of powers is a political and administrative tool judge made law essay writer holds the pillars democracy together. Nevertheless today no informed observer disputes that judges do especially those of the Supreme Court make law.

As a judge moves up the legal hierarchy, his knowledge, professionalism and ability to use his own discretion to scrutinize and assess statutes and precedents increases — making him more aware of deficiencies in existing laws. A precedent is a Legal principle, created by a court decision, which provides an example or authority for judges deciding similar issues later.

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How to Write a Summary of an Article? This idea is similarly seen when the judicial role is contrasted with the role of Parliament. Ronald Dworkin is a famous common law theorist who believes in a similar theory of the law as being "the nature of legal argument which lies in the best moral interpretation of existing social practices.

The case revolves around the fundamental question of whether a husband can ever be criminally liable for raping his wife. However precedents are bound by rules that limit law making by judges. The purposive approach, reminiscent to the Golden Rule, proposes that, where the wording of the law leads to absurdities, the judge must take the step to ensure that the anomaly or ambiguity is cleared.

In these circumstances, judges can be said to be formulating original precedent thereby using his own discretion regarding when he thinks rules need to be applied, changed, improved, or abolished.

Therefore the law is the body of principles recognized and enforced by the state in the application of justice. They are held back by various mechanisms from straying too far from the written words of the common law.

Therefore a judge who formulates a legal principle for the first time judge made law essay writer so as an existing part of the law and not as a legislative innovation of his own. Various valid opposing arguments exist in this on-going debate; authors, solicitors, professors, and prominent legal thinkers from earlier centuries have, on many occasions, stated their own views ensuring that either end of the argument is just as plausible as the other.

When questioned regarding whether they thought the men should receive the death sentence, the judges all held differing opinions.

The Constitution is written in more brief and general language than most Acts of Parliament. The principle concentrates on the idea of the judge entering the mindset of the legislature — "judges should act as deputy to the appropriate legislature, enacting the law that they suppose the legislature would enact if seized of the problem.

The above argument is one that can also be used to support the fact that rather than make law, judges simply declare law. Similarly, in a murder case, questions of defining what exactly murder is may arise when one considers more abstract, debatable forms of murder such as abortion, euthanasia and killing in self-defence.

Its generally agreed that in order to interpret statutes judges must use precision based procedural rules. However, it still remains that judges are bound by the words of statutes, precedents and the common law so much so that there is often little leeway or additional space for independent judicial discretion.

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Having been convicted, the appellant then took his case to the Court of Appeal to re-appeal, and finally — once he had exhausted all other possibilities — he bought his case to the House of Lords.

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The parliament which is in charge of law making cannot amend each and every law simply because it fast becoming obsolete. This is because it is expected to last longer and be able to accommodate changing circumstances. But does this law include the use of perambulators and skateboards as well as motorized vehicles?

The law is mainly made by a parliament, a legislative body given power by the constitution to draft law.Below is an essay on "Judge Made-Law" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Free coursework on Judges Do Not Make Law from ultimedescente.com, the UK essays company for essay, dissertation and coursework writing. R; “there is in fact no such thing as judge-made law, for the judges do not make the law, though the frequently have to apply existing law to circumstances as to which is has not previously been authoritatively laid down that such law is applicable[5].

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Dos and don ts of essay writing xyz short essay 3 paragraph. Judge-made law is the foundation of common law where the doctrine of precedent aroused.

Doctrine of precedent requires that whatever decision is made by the higher courts, lower courts must follow and make the same decision in the same cases and that's why common law is also called precedent law and precedent means using the same case from before as an model or guide.

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