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As a traditionalist, Liang Shu-ming invoked an intuitive knowledge understood by Confucius and by Mencius: He regards meaningful ideals as real possibilities, and he is primarily interested in practical, not theoretical, solutions to the problem of unifying the ideal and the real.

Was it something more than a common Hegelian influence, I wondered? Columbia University Press,pp. Retrieved Sep 29 from https: Neither he nor Ikeda can find convincing evidence for belief in Humanism kiyana creator God who transcends the universe and who periodically intervenes in nature and history.

Not spirituality but, rather, a hideous kind of materialism Humanism kiyana to be the law of life. First of all, their humanism is founded on a deep respect for the dignity and equal worth of each and every woman and man, girl and boy.

Ikeda and Dewey both appear to agree that in some real sense the changing universe is unfinished, the struggle between good and evil is real, and human freedom, intelligence, ethical vision and cooperative action can make a critical difference in the course of events.

A Common Faith in LW 9: As a rule, one can say much the same thing with no barrier to communication -with even a warm response--by using the term progressive. In other words, Dewey views democracy first and foremost as a personal way of individual life and a form of moral and spiritual association.

The former, indifferent to developmental process, sees things in their separateness; and the latter, as elements of a reconciliation. Ten years ago it would have been impossible to teach writers like Lawrence, Wolfe, Joyce, and Huxley, but I have been doing just that.

This is an illustration of the above-cited attitude regarding the oneness of the ethical and the spiritual, since the real meaning of religion was being understood broadly in ethical terms rather than as a special doctrinal, otherworldly denominationalism.

They are concerned to break down the dualism of the sacred and the secular, the religious life and every day life. A positivistic outlook also gained a foothold. David Lawson is a Montreal-based writer and poet currently teaching in China. People do not exist for the sake of religion.

Humanism in China.

Rockefeller, John Dewey, pp. They both recognize that humanity is an interdependent member of the greater community of life and the larger universe, and they both support the principle of respect for nature.

Politically, there are eight noncommunist parties, all dubbed democratic, which arose during the Sino-Japanese War and the struggle against the Kuomintang.

For Mao Tse-tung, something even more conflict-ridden, though rarer than contradiction, is antagonism, which is, in turn, quite foreign to humanist perspectives.

Steven Rockefeller

Each person is an individualized expression of the universal life force. I do not know what the missionaries did in response to their discovery, but if they were unaccepting of their "converts," this only Humanism kiyana the Western "it is either A or not A.

Bach sometimes precedes loudspeaker news announcements in the neighborhood where I now live, and American "pop" music blares on restaurant radios. He was raised in the Congregational Church. If the "both-and" attitude can be said to merge with an eclecticism allowing for syncretism in belief systems, China has represented and still does represent a potpourri of attitudes, political and cultural.

Weatherhill,pp. Lawrence Society has recently been formed, and at least four of his novels have now appeared in Chinese versions. This self always seeks ways of alleviating the pain and augmenting the happiness of others, here, amid the realities of every day life.

Lenin said that the most essential aspect of Marxism was the concrete analysis of concrete conditions. From the perspective of this naturalistic and humanistic interpretation of religion, a faith in the ethical ideal is the common faith of humankind.

Oxford University Press,p. In his view of Western scientific and technological culture and the rational, humanistic religion he perceived as its concomitant, Hu Shih opted for an uncritical, across-the-board acceptance. It is an entirely natural phenomenon.

Certainly, ancient Chinese humanism was indigenous. We live in an evolving universe. In this regard, Ikeda asserts that the entire universe and everything in it is alive. Middleway Press,p. He has published articles in a number of humanist journals.

There is one world, the natural universe. Humanism and Religion Even though Dewey and Ikeda reject theism and the supernaturalism associated with it, they do not embrace a secular humanism that involves a despairing or defiant atheism.

An unknown factor in this melange of groupings is the degree to which the Leninist-Marxist concept of "new democracy, requiring subordination, is operative.Regarding secular humanism, factors causing it to develop can vary from country to country: in the United States, it has importantly (as rationalism) been a movement taking demagogic supernaturalism to task; in India (as atheism), it is a live alternative to a religious caste system that has been responsible for social injustice; and in China.

Sincere Kirabo is the former social justice coordinator at the American Humanist Association. Sincere is a writer and humanist activist who focuses on cultivating increased critical consciousness of social injustice, particularly within humanist spaces.

Kenneth Kaunda, The dignity of labour (Lusaka: The Cabinet Office/The Government Printer, ). Printed as being delivered in Lusaka on Saturday 29 Aprilalthough it is a May Day speech.

Kaunda dictated all his speeches to his trusted secretary Mrs Gloria Sleep. References. Buddhist Humanism & Spiritual Democracy. These remarks served as the opening lecture at the 6th Annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue.

Held November 14,the forum was called “John Dewey, Daisaku Ikeda, and the Quest for a New Humanism.” Dr. Rockefeller is Professor Emeritus, Department of Religion, Middlebury College and author of John Dewey: Religious Faith and. Essay about Humanism Kiyana Kiyana Dunston Dr. Burford Humanism Reaction Paper Humanistic psychology was developed in the s in opposition to psychoanalysis and behaviorism, which were the leading psychological perspectives at the time.

Feminism and Humanism: Women of Color Beyond Faith In my book Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics, and the Values Wars, I argue that the literature on .

Humanism kiyana
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