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Here are two videos you might find interesting. Is it expensive to live and study at Trinity? We also regularly receive applications from — and make offers to — people taking a variety of other exams including the International Baccalaureate and the Pre-U. Further information is available on the university website.

GCSE is just one of the factors taken into account. During this period the centre of the town shifted from Castle Hill on the left bank of the river to the area now known as the Quayside on the right bank. The Colleges section tells you about where students live, with info on what a College actually is and profiles of each one.

There is no formal age requirement for admission to Cambridge, but almost all undergraduates are 18 Cambridge college prospectus or older when they come into residence.

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The town became a military centre, with an R. Our conditional offers reflect our expectations that you will receive high marks in your Year 13 exams as well. Normally we receive Cambridge college prospectus to five applications for each place. Whatever the details may be, and in some subjects these change slightly from year to year, you will be told what they are well ahead of time.

Every student has their own individual version of Oxford as both a city and university, and with the countless courses available for undergrads and postgrads, as well as the range of different extracurricular activities to choose from, each one of the colleges is able to offer a completely unique experience to every single one of its students.

The exception is for those who are applying for science subjects who can benefit from taking Further Mathematics as a fourth subject. If you still have relevant A-levels to take, our offers will be conditional upon achieving specified results in those A-levels.

Scottish Advanced Highers are treated in the same way as A-levels. You must arrive ready to discuss serious matters at some length and to think hard about the questions that come up in the discussion. Departments and colleges were invited to fact-check their pages but this does not constitute an official source of information and you should always check the official university website for the most up-to-date information.

Would you make offers to applicants who apply from the same school? In general, candidates for Engineering, Computer Science and Natural Sciences who are only taking one science subject to A-level, alongside Maths and Further Maths, are at a disadvantage compared to those studying two sciences.

Have a look at the general information in the Cambridge Admissions Prospectus. CUSU is the university-wide representative body for students at Cambridge and is led by 6 amazing full-time officers who were elected by students.

No candidate will be deselected solely on the basis of performance in the pre-admissions assessments.

Search CambTweet or cambtweetcusu on Twitter to find them.

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Oxford is well and truly what you make of it — and the students in this prospectus have made it their own. For further details, see the individual course pages at https: Oxford is full of possibilities, allowing you to develop your academic work alongside pretty much anything else you could possibly be interested in.

The town and university as a place to live is described in the Cambridge section. The charter transfers supervision of baking and brewing, weights and measures, and forestalling and regratingfrom the town to the university.

Our students work hard, and the college has a strong standing in the academic league tables. Be yourself and wear something you are comfortable in! Do you require applicants to take aptitude tests? We do however look at each of these cases individually, and decide upon an offer that we feel is best suited to the specific circumstances of each student.prospectus - Cambridge Immerse.

Receiving its Royal Charter inChurchill College, is the national and Commonwealth memorial to Sir Winston Churchill. It is the embodiment of his vision of how higher education can benefit society in the modern age. An academic community devoted to excellence in learning, scholarship and research it regularly ranks amongst the top Cambridge colleges in exam results and with 32 Nobel.

Our bar, cafe, and common room have all recently been refurbished. Unusually for a Cambridge College, our playing fields are also on the main site. Our community. Jesus College is.

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Cambridge Admissions Prospectus If I have already graduated elsewhere, can I apply to Trinity for another undergraduate course? Yes, you can apply for an ‘Affiliated’ place here. The Oxford University Alternative Prospectus is written by students and for students: giving you all you need to know about being a student at Oxford and advice on choosing your course and college, finances and student activities which you could get involved in.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is available to download from the Adobe website. Full-time Prospectus Course finder Student Handbook Cambridge Regional College Kings Hedges Road Cambridge CB4 2QT.

Tel: Email: [email protected] Huntingdon Campus.

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