Apple inc strategic business unit

Analysis of Apple Inc. business Strategic Unit Essay

The iPad has its own line of applications that can be purchased and installed straight onto the iPad through the built in Apple App Store.

With the introduction of the second generation pads pad 2 inApple adopted the focused differentiation strategy. Outline and discuss any issues relating to the structure of the company functional, divisional, SME, etc. These are basically the forces of politics, economics, socio-culture, technology, legalities and environment Porter, If the company in this example, Apple Inc.

Apart from the sound marketing and production strategies, Apple also enjoys a strong market presence due to their prominent brand name.

This generic strategy focuses on key features that differentiate the company and its products from competitors. It is clear, that based on the analysis, Apple lies in 1st quadrant which means the company needs to follow Aggressive business strategy to increase its profit margins and ensure long term sustainability.

Technological Factors — Technology has been highly dynamic in nature and hence and being a market giant in technology, Apple has to be consistent in terms of new innovations to be ahead in the market. Strategic planning can be profitable or non-profitable in nature.

Social and Cultural Factors — The demand for smartphones have been a boost in the sales of iPhones. This market entry strategy worked well for the company and after ensuring that they had secured a considerable market share, they developed the focused differentiation strategy.

Apple's Business Unit Strategy

The key focus is to judge what people want and to present the product in most creative manner which depicts the qualities of the product in the best possible manner to increase its appeal. The report analyses the current business strategy of Apple and suggest new strategy and the resources and timeline require to implement it.

This is done so as to maintain good relation with its stakeholders for long term sustainability. The entire value chain of Apple Company; from the procurement of raw materials, warehousing, management of business logistics to the eventual distribution of finished products make wide use of technology Atavist, The company also ensures that it stays up-to-date with technology thanks to its R team Apple, It is always better to make short goals and be innovative in nature to cope up with this dynamic nature of technological changes.

For example, advertisements encourage more people to buy Apple products. The company has approximately retail outlets that are distributed to a number of countries globally.

The company basically supervises the entire procurement process and allocates necessary funding.

Apple’s Generic Strategy & Intensive Growth Strategies

Companies have not only adopted technology in their marketing systems but also in their overall production processes. Apple is one of the most reliable companies in the world whose market share has grown four times when compared from to According to Sheet and Skeletallycompetitive advantage is the way for a business to stay on top of the pack, maintain customer loyalty and sustain the prevailing market.

The focused differentiation strategy accompanied the big improvements done on the pad including reduced size and weight. The eight strategies include no frills, low cost, hybrid, differentiation, focused differentiation and high price low value strategies Appendix 1.

Relies on its strong brand name, quality production and up-to-date technology to gain a competitive advantage over the whole market.Locus Assignment help offers quality assignment writing service, this Unit 7 Business Strategy Assignment - Apple Inc.

part of level 5. Apple treats each of its products as a business unit. So iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iTunes, etc.

are all separate strategic. Oct 16,  · If the company (in this example, Apple Inc.) consists of a large amount of employees, they will have a multitude of strategic business units that are responsible for managing the profitability of their products and each team would be assigned a manager that will overlook the process, outline any implications and set different objectives and.

of Apple Company and analyses this business unit in terms of its strategic competitive position, its external environment and the value addition proponent of. Apple's business strategy cuts across all the three Strategic Business Units i.e.

Computer unit, Telecommunications unit and Music & Video unit. The company's annual report of states corporate strategies that Apple seeks to adopt. Apple's free iTunes software is a good example of business unit success.

The iTunes software isn't just an application that plays music. The iTunes software is the gateway to the iTunes Store where consumers can subscribe to podcasts, purchase ebooks, and download applications.

Apple inc strategic business unit
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