An analysis of the plot in the chocolate war by robert cormier

Trinity is a school where privacy is nonexistent, where teachers intimidate students, and where students brutalize one another.

The Chocolate War Summary

There is also rich religious symbolism. Climax The climax of a story is the major turning point that determines the outcome of the plot. Jerry blocks the punch, and the warfare begins. After the tenth day, Jerry fully intends to accept the chocolates.

It is obvious that The Vigils are selling all the chocolates. He believes that people are essentially animals, and he treats them that way. Typically, the protagonist prevails and the antagonist suffers: The Chocolate War is a novel of initiation in which the young protagonist, like the reader, learns a number of crucial lessons about the adult world—most of them negative.

He wants to "disturb the universe", yet he is not sure how to do it. He needs this success badly, for his mother has died the previous spring, and Jerry is living in an apartment with his father, who sleepwalks through his days. Goober tries to emulate Jerry but, in a crucial test, caves in.

Critical reception[ edit ] The book was well received by critics. As with any work of this complexity, there are a number of subthemes: When Leon calls his name during the chocolate roll call, however, Jerry blurts out "no. Jerry has a broken jaw and possibly some internal injuries.

Archie is saved from being merely a stock character-a character that is one sided and without dimension-by his feelings for Emile Janza.

Jerry had to explain why he would not sell; he got prank calls; he was beaten up. What this idea becomes in the novel is the concept of being true to oneself and standing up to the evil that one perceives in the world.

The novel shows what can happen to people who stand up for their rights in a totalitarian system. Archie arrogantly plans to alternate between betraying and supporting Leon in a frenzied series of power plays. Finally, after Jerry collapses, the lights in the stadium go off.

The action quickly escalated when the students became interested in the sale: Then, a member of The Vigils draws a raffle ticket that tells Janza to hit Jerry in the groin. Exposition The exposition of a plot is the place where the reader is introduced to the main character and any important information to understand what is presently occurring.

What are the real consequences of conformity? They are calling him at all hours of the day and night, and then hanging up. The other war references include the battle for power between Leon and Archie such as the event in Room 19 in which Eugene was a innocent casualty and the actual chocolate war, which will develop in the forthcoming chapters.

Soon, the chocolates are selling like hotcakes, and boys who really have no sold boxes are getting tallies as if they have. The coach says they might just be able to make a quarterback out of him, and calls him a skinny little son of a bitch. They call Jerry into a meeting and ask him to sell the chocolates the next day.

Meanwhile, Jerry still refuses and The Vigils are making his life hell. He says that it is a free country and he does not have to sell the candy. Cormier has several chapters which are dedicated entirely to football plays.

Carter slaps him in approval. Leon is acting as the head of Trinity while the head master is ill, yet Archie appears to truly be in plot synopsis - the chocolate war by robert cormier Cliff Notes™, Cliffs Notes™, Cliffnotes™, Cliffsnotes™ are trademarked properties of the John Wiley Publishing Company. does not provide or claim to provide free Cliff Notes™ or free Sparknotes™.

The main setting of Robert Cormier's novel The Chocolate War is Trinity, an all boys high school in an unnamed New England town. As we discuss in "Writing Style" and "Genre" the various locati. The Chocolate War is a novel of initiation in which the young protagonist, like the reader, learns a number of crucial lessons about the adult world—most of them negative.

The Chocolate War study guide contains a biography of Robert Cormier, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. About The Chocolate War The Chocolate War Summary. Next, we see Leon grumbling about the low chocolate sales.

He totally blames Jerry, and wants to see something done about him. So, he gets Archie on the phone and tells him. Plot Overview Jerry Renault, a freshman at Trinity High School, has a confrontation with the school gang, The Vigils.

The Vigils, headed by Archie Costello, specialize in making assignments that other students have to complete.

An analysis of the plot in the chocolate war by robert cormier
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