A study on inorganic contaminants present in water samples

Subchronic and Chronic Effects Sodium chlorite was administered to male cats in their drinking water for up to 90 days.

Additional circumstantial evidence has been provided by studies of Crapper et al. The chemistry of these agents was examined in detail in that volume.

Other authors have found that intratracheal instillation of aluminum salts or metallic aluminum powder has produced pulmonary fibroses Stacy et al. There was an increase in proteinuria in males. The major route of excretion of aluminum in humans appears to be the bile.

The investigators observed no adverse effects on food consumption, body weight, hematologic indices, serum enzymes, serum ions, gross pathology.

Higher doses produced much greater levels of methemoglobinemia, but these were also shortlived Heffernan et al. Studies by Mayor et al.

Most of these exposures were chronic, and other substances were involved in nearly all instances. The following material, some of which became available after that volume was published, updates and, in some instances. They reported that chlorine dioxide, chlorite, and chlorate, adminstered for 3 months in water, decreased the incorporation of 3H-thymidine into the nuclei of rat testes and kidneys and increased its incorporation into the intestine.

Other neurological syndromes produced by aluminum include that of epilepsy. Injected intraperitoneally, aluminum compounds produce fibrotic peritonitis Norseth, ; Sorenson et al.

However, few of them deal directly with health effects that are relevant to establishing safe levels of cadmium in drinking water. When the chemical was a known or suspected carcinogen, the potential for carcinogenicity after acute exposure was not considered.

Chloramine was given to a sixth group at 0. Within 5 minutes of ingestion, sudden headache, nausea, abdominal discomfort, and light-headedness were observed. Thus, it has only limited usefulness.

This study is of interest because of the current general lack of information on health effects resulting from chronic exposure to barium. These effects disappeared within 5 minutes. However, McDermott et al. In a second interaction, aluminum in the gut also binds with fluoride, thereby decreasing fluoride absorption Spencer et al.

Acute oral dosing of rats with chlorine dioxide concentrations of 0. Studies by Elliot et al. Relationship between changes in water treatment and dialysis dementia: Aluminum in the diet did not affect embryo or fetal mortality rate, litter size, fetal body weight, or length McCormack et al.

This lack of data persists. The major etiologic factor associated with this syndrome is untreated aluminum-rich tap water that is used to prepare the dialysis fluid. The daily intake of aluminum has been estimated in several studies.

Additional selected chemical contaminants were considered in a subsequent study National Academy of Sciences, b. These effects rendered the cells more susceptible to oxidative damage and confirmed similar in-vitro observations Heffernan et al.

Further studies are needed to assess the molecular interaction of aluminum and the components of the central nervous system.

Carcinogenicity Loser fed a diet containing cadmium chloride to male and female rats for 2 years. Other investigators have suggested that persons with this deficiency may be at a greater risk of oxidant damage Moore et al.transcript of inorganic contaminants present in a sample of water from the Project 3 Objective The goal of the project is to identify the unkown substance given using qualitative analysis and to determine which tests to use to identify the substance.

The Atchafalaya and Mississippi River Deltas Study is evaluating the delivery of sediment-associated contaminants to the Gulf of Mexico by the Mississippi River system and its important distributary, the Atchafalaya River. Selection of Contaminants. Inthe Safe Drinking Water Committee examined health effects associated with microbiological, radioactive, particulate, inorganic, and organic chemical contaminants found in drinking water (National Academy of Sciences, ).

28 rows · Contaminants Found in Groundwater Contaminants can be natural or. Inorganic Contaminants Present In a Sample Of Water from The Gulf Of Mexico Background In some cases, such as in a drug test, one is trying to figure out what substance is present and its amount.

U CHML Project 2: Inorganic Contaminants Present in a Sample of Water from the Gulf of Mexico Introduction Screening for drugs is a real life example of how the determination of a chemical substance and its amounts are necessary%(9).

A study on inorganic contaminants present in water samples
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